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Our objects in Software development

Software development involves numerous computer programming, documentation, testing as well as maintaining frameworks and applications of a software product. The term broadly refers to writing and maintaining the source code of the software so the whole process involves research, development, reuse, re-engineering resulting in software products.

Development Process

Website Analysis
We study the company requirements, the market competition and the target audience and accordingly we use the best project management methodology for the website development process. We have well tested methodologies which ensure that the end product meets the customer requirements.
Website Planning
We put emphasis on aligning the analysis report with client needs. At BusinessPro Designs we follow an exclusive approach to web development. As and when the customers contact us, we jot down all the customer requirements.
Website Development
Our expertise in various technologies, compliancy with the latest web standards and best practices enables us to deliver you constructive results. When the project structure is finalized, we proceed with developing the website design, which is developed in such a way so that it represents the online corporate identity of the client.
Testing, Re-Testing & Delivery of the Website
Our team tests for bugs and fixes it. Lastly our team checks that the program codes and their functionality are thoroughly tested so that the customers can enjoy an error free website development service.

Our Services in Software development


Test Methodology, Strategy and Planning: In the field of Software testing we use different types of Software Testing Methodologies. There are different methods which can be used for Software testing like Black Box Testing, White Box Testing or Grey Box Testing.
How to use Software testing in your advantage? Testing is a collaborative process between the developer, the core team, and the customers. We empower our developers, engage our users and build a solid software test strategy. Software tests come in different hues like unit tests, integration tests and functional tests.
Software test planning Test plan reflects your entire project testing schedule and approach.
Perform Manual and Automation testing using different tools Manual Testing, Providing quality advice to select the best test procedures and how to perform them, Test process analysis and improvement guideline , Test execution and defect management (using different tools) process.

Customized Software

Developing Customized software as per client’s requirements We develop software specifically for any particular organization or user (customized software). Noting down every details of client’s requirement and after observing them, we advise you the right scope of any specific software as per your business requirements. After the finalization of scope, we carry out the low level designing then high level designing. As soon as the initial process is complete we send this again for client’s approval. Then after getting the green signal, we continue with the development. After the completion of the development procedure, we test your software as per your mentioned specifications and handed over to client for User Acceptance Testing. If all goes well we also take care of the handling and maintenance procedure of the Customized software. When it is the question of Customized software, we cater to different level industries like. Insurance and Financing We cater to the needs of our clients developing customized financial software for them. Starting from the scratch process, we take care of the total process which includes handling the accounting, payroll, and HR Systems, Inventory and different types of transactions. Some of the different types of finance software are Alpha capture system, MetaTrader 4, VisionPLUS, Money.Net to name a few. Another sector we cater to is the insurance and banking industry. Different enterprise software is used by the banking industry to serve their different functions. We maintain huge Database for Banking and Insurance sectors. We develop such customized software based on the specifications of our clients. Some of the different types of banking software are Canopus EpaySuite, Corniche, Apex Banking Software, Ababil to name a few. Telecommunications We also develop software for various telecom providers in different aspect to improve service and management activities. Moreover we also provide solutions for testing and quality.

Data Warehousing

Data warehousing 1. Suggesting the right data warehousing architecture In the field of managing data and business intelligence, we identify the right architectural components and suggest the suitable data warehouse architecture for our clients. Based on the requirement and environment, we also help to identify the right data model for the project as well as the specify Data Warehousing and reporting tools.
2. Developing the data staging from raw data as per required format using different tools. We first formulate a staging plan by collecting raw data from different arenas and storing them in specific formats. We use different tools here which provide you greater metadata integration and enhance the flexibility and maintenance of data. Some of the data warehousing tools that are commonly used are Power Center, Websphere DataStage, Cognos Data Manager, SQL Server Integration Services and more.
3. Arrangement of fetched data into data models and data ware housing Data warehousing refers to the storage of data in different data models from the operational systems like sales, marketing, ERP and SCM. Data warehousing helps in assembling data from different sources into a particular single databases so that a single query engine can be effectively used to present data.
4.What is the use of Data Model? A Data model helps in organizing different data elements and also determining how data elements are related to one another. In most cases, a data model is based on Data constraint, Data semantic, Data and Data relationship.
5. Prepare Datamart based as per the requirements of project The access layer of the data warehouse which can be used to provide data to the users is called the Datamart. Datamart is often created to answer a specific business question which helps users to get their data as per their requirements in a more organized way.
6. Preparation of data reports As a per client’s requirements , we prepare different reports with the help of different reporting tools like BusinessObjects , SAP Crystal Reports, MicroStrategy, IBM Cognos, Actuate to name a few. We also suggest our clients the suitable report as per their business requirements.
7. Maintaining Meta Data information We maintain Meta data information and use the information for Data warehousing.